[Luxord&Naminé] Pigeon

Title: Pigeon
Claim: Luxord&Naminé
Rating: PG-13 for implied sexual abuse, mild language, and mentions of death.
Word Count: 2096.
Notes: Alright, I'll stop now. Takes place starting shortly after Naminé's birth and ending before she rescues Kairi from the dungeon.

( But little caged Naminé, she had nothing but time and a sketchpad in all her four-white-walls-world. )

[Organization XIII, feat. Naminé] Fun with XIV Powers

Title: Fun with XIV Powers
Claim: Organization XIII
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4114
Notes: I'm 90% sure I messed this up bad-bad-badly. Most of them morphed out of control and became vignettes and I couldn't stop it. And Naminé is unofficially a member of Organization XIII, I don't know. Sorry about that, everyone.

( “You know, Disney World?” )